Harshavardhan Reddy

Harshavardhan Reddy, also known as HvR comes from a family of Indian entrepreneurs that have molded and shaped many facets of corporate life across the country.

HvR, not wanting to sit and enjoy the laurels of his family’s achievements decided to branch out into the world of law and is today an accomplished advocate, actively practicing at the Supreme Court of India.

Degrees in business management and an instinct for the ‘near impossible’ have led HvR to take over portfolios of distressed corporate entities that need a much deserved turnaround.

HvR is also very interested in policy changes in the polit-establishment that could make a positive difference to the common man. An avid interest in scientific development and progress govern his unconventional belief in the future and results in an out-of-the-box approach to many situations.

HvR believes in India and its rightful role on the international stage of ‘successful’ countries.