In December 2015 when ingenious entrepreneur     Harshavardhan Reddy, chairman of AURA Group, turned down the offer of 3 Billion USD as the first round of funding for his pet project there was opposition from his partners.

The board questioned his rationale behind refusing the deal. Heartburn among partners lead Reddy to step out of the group with his intellectual project to form his own HVR Group.

In retrospect the decision of not accepting the funding proved right. Currently, is the world’s largest aggregator and incubator (for startup’s) on a single Artificial Intelligence enabled e-commerce (AIEBOT) platform.

AIEBOT is unique because in addition to incubation startup, this portal also covers all entities of business, consumers and government abbreviated as B2B, B2C, B2G, C2B, C2G, C2C, G2G, G2B and G2C segments.

In the world of lookalikes, is different, a never before experience for the users and a complete revolution in e-commerce. On one hand it brings world’s top brands on a single platform; on the other hand, it offers unlimited opportunities to start-ups and business prospectors to develop and expand their business models.

HVR group’s support to the “Startup India” and “Make in India” campaign, the current favorites’ of the Government, has given a new lease of life to startups , entrepreneurs and people with innovative concepts to join HVR group‘s start up platform.

According to Reddy, Readydeals is the country’s first e-commerce mall which has created a homogeneous opportunity for start-ups to join and be a part of this 100 billion dollars club.

“Readydeals covers all aspects of products and services and brings them literally to your doorstep,” he added.

The portal has over 600 stores for users to explore personal and professional entities under one umbrella by bringing many of the world’s biggest consumer brands on a single platform.

The all-encompassing also provides for engagement opportunities with the government including ministries from agriculture to coal, power, steel, science and technology, consumer affairs, food and public distribution, civil aviation, communication and information technology to heavy industries, finance, urban development and rural development, women and child affairs and tribal affairs, etc.

Almost every ministry of the central government is covered bringing the North and South block to the homes of users. The portal will enable users to know and connect to virtually everything in the world at the click of a mouse or a voice command. The portal prides itself in making available a one-stop shop to everything that businesses and individuals seek to access. It is a unique opportunity in self-learning, knowledge upgrade and rich consumer experience unlike anything in the world so far.

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